Kemco’s Latest RPG Has Multiple Job Classes To Master



    Kemco’s latest mobile RPG is Crystareino, which has some 20 different job classes in all for players to level up in while saving the world.



    Players are sucked into an alternate world which has summoned you to stave off the Demon King. Higher level classes unlock as you master simpler ones.


    cap_01 cap_03

    As you explore, multiple party members will eventually join up, and you’ll be able to mix and match your preferred characters at a tavern. There are supposed to be some 20 different allies waiting to lend the Hero a hand throughout the realm.


    As the Hero, you’ll also have a unique Brave Burst skill which changes depending on which class you play to help wipe out foes.


    Crystareino is out now on Android. The game is free to download and try, with a special price of $3.99 to unlock the full game from within the app.


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