Kemco’s New Mobile RPG Will Take You 40 Hours To Finish



Kemco’s latest Japanese mobile RPG is called Crusade Chronicle.


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This title revamps touch controls, with a much simpler interface that allows players to quickly select their chosen skills or abilities as well as touch to select which foes they wish to attack.


This also reflects if your skill or spell does an area attack. This doesn’t mean the RPG underlying it is any less meaty, however, with the game featuring crafting and gem socketing. It will also clock in at around 40 hours to finish everything up.



Every character you’ll eventually recruit, such as dancer Aria or Paora, will also be able to summon a special Sacred Beast, it seems. You’ll be able to swap party members in and out in between fights and equip the beasts with extra items to enhance their abilities. There will also be combination skills to use during battle.

For those tired of walking, Crusade Chronicle will also allow travel to different zones via a quick overland map  as opposed to having to travel all the way to them.

The mobile game features Klein, an apprentice of the Sacred Beast knight Riveru. The world is split into the holy land of Illumica and underground world of Raft, and well, things happen. As they always do. Ok, go fix it now.


Crusade Chronicle is available now on Android, and will come to iOS later.