Kenichiro Takaki Leaves Marvelous Due To Recent Policies, Joins Cygames To Make A Fantasy Game



Senran Kagura series’ boobie producer Kenichiro Takaki revealed in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine that he has left Marvelous after 13 years and has joined Cygames for something new. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]



According to Takaki, the biggest reason he left Marvelous is due to the recent policies that have restricted sexual depictions. He personally felt a thread snap with that. He says that while sexual content tends to get criticized a lot, it has just as much people who enjoy it.


Takaki always believed that such variety was one of the things that supported the games industry, but after realizing how easily that could be broken, it made him think about other things. While Takaki welcomes restrictions and regulations that are made to protect certain genres and surroundings, he felt that this recent trend is happening for the purpose of shutting things down.


As for his next work, Takaki wants to work on an orthodox fantasy-like game that he used to be crazy about when he was a child. He joined Cygames with that in mind, and is currently working on a title for consoles.


Senran Kagura fans who were looking forward to the next titles won’t have to worry, as he will continue working on those and will make sure they get finished. However, he says Senran Kagura 7even will take some time. The base of the game won’t change, but there are some parts that need upgrading. After that he hopes either he or someone else can finish it and bring it to the fans. The presentation of erotic gags are better than ever, and he will continue working with the staff of Senran Kagura.


“I’ll let Marvelous handle the adjustments, but I’ll continue to stick around as the boobie producer,” said Takaki.


As for other work at Marvelous, he’s currently part of a new multimedia project that involves a game and anime. The original plan was by Takaki and it features character designs by Hanaharu Naruko and animation directed by Hiraku Kaneko.


[Update: Here’s a sneak peek at the new project.]

The new project doesn’t involve Senran Kagura, but Marvelous will be the producers. It has beautiful girls, but their clothes won’t be coming off. It is described as an orthodox hot-blooded game, and its development started about a year and a half ago. It features a girl riding a bike, so it sounds like a possible action game.


Takaki wants to make something amazing that will make people think it’s cheeky coming from the “Boobie Producer.”


“The place I work and the nature of my work may change, but I won’t and will not change what I want to show,” said Takaki. “I’m a video game fan down to the core and I say dirty jokes and spout a lot of nonsense [laughs], but when it comes to making games, I always give it my best.”

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