Keylocker Is an RPG With Chrono Trigger-Style Battles and Relationship Elements


The Virgo Versus the Zodiac developer Moonana’s next game is on the way. Keylocker: Turn Based Cyberpunk Action follows Bobo, a heroine created to be a Doppleganger clone to work menial tasks to make keep Saturn running. However, Bobo rebels and wants to bring music, which is forbidden, to the masses. Players then follow as she pulls a band together to try and form a band, learn more about what’s actually happening on Saturn, and get the Keylocker.

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As in Moonana’s Virgo Versus the Zodiac, players’ decisions and choices will matter. Bobo will meet different people and have the opportunity to help or betray them. (In the latest gameplay footage sample, you can even see hearts below the name of the character named Dealer, suggesting that is someone you could choose to befriend.) What you do could alter elements of the game and lead to different endings.

Also like Virgo Versus the Zodiac, people fight through turn-based battles against corrupt and misguided authority figures and cops. It is similar to Chrono Trigger, in that you can see all opponents on the field, a fight takes place exactly where you are on the map when you encounter enemies, and you then pick up where you are when you’re done. What makes it unique is that sometimes Bobo’s attacks will actually involve a very brief rhythm game, where she’ll play her guitar to fight foes.

Here’s about 14 minutes of gameplay setting the stage, showing Bobo trying to find a drummer and face off against cops.

Keylocker is in development for PCs. Its Steam page is now open.

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