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Kholat, Inspired By A Real-World Mystery, Brings Exploration-Based Horror To PS4


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Horror exploration game Kholat, which has recently released on PS4, leaves players lost and alone in windswept, snowy mountains. Well, maybe not entirely alone.

The game is inspired by the Dyatlov Pass incident, a real mystery where nine hikers lost their lives in strange circumstances in the Russian Ural Mountains in 1959. Many of the bodies showed signs of a vicious struggle when found, and access to that part of the mountains was blocked for 3 years after the incident.

Kholat is an exploration-based horror game where players will need to use an in-game map and compass to guide themselves around a non-linear environment. Players can use their guiding tools to get around, or follow sights and sounds that catch their attention, discovering shelter, ruins, and otherworldly dangers.

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