Kickstarter For Localization Of Root Double: Before Crime * After Days Launches On January 5th


Sekai Project has announced that the Kickstarter for its localization of sci-fi/suspense visual novel Root Double: Before Crime * After Days- Xtend Edition will launch on January 5th 2016.


The localization was announced back in July 2015 by Sekai Project. It’s the work of Takumi Nakazawa, the director of Ever17, who developed it with with Yeti/Regista.


Root Double: Before Crime * After Days was first released in Japan for Xbox 360 and Windows PCs in 2012. An updated version with a new ending known as the “Xtend Edition” made its way to PlayStation 3 in 2013 and then to PlayStation Vita in 2014 – this is the version Sekai Project is working on.


It’s set during September 2030 AD inside a city-sized research hub. The residents of this hub are not allowed to interact with people outside of the hub without government permission.


The story kicks off after the research facility’s nuclear reactor goes on meltdown and kills mostly everyone inside. However, locked in the basement after the security system malfunctioned are three rescuers and six people who were waiting to be rescued. They have nine hours until the system recovers and there’s only enough drugs to prevent radiation exposure for six of them.

Chris Priestman