Killing Homunculi Has Multiple Uses In The Chilling My Lovely Daughter

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My Lovely Daughter has players creating and raising homunculi as if they were their own daughter so that they can sacrifice them to revive their real daughter. However, there are other reasons players can kill these created children as well, offering players several uses for this cruel act.


Homunculi provide soul energy upon sacrifice, which the player needs to build up in order to revive their daughter. However, not all homunculi are made the same, and My Lovely Daughter provides twelve different kinds of homunculi that players can raise, each of which may have some value for taking on jobs around town, or by being sacrificed to sell their body parts for money. Creating homunculi is expensive work, so players will need to be willing to part with even more of their created children to raise funds to continue their work.

Players will be able to, and are in fact encouraged to, forge relationships with these homunculi even thought they mean to sacrifice them. Through this, My Lovely Daughter aims to ask the player how far they’ll go to save their child, as well as what they feel the nature of life is through their connections with these fabricated beings.


My Lovely Daughter is available now on Steam.

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