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Kim, Vice, And Sylvie Paula Paula Join The King Of Fighters XIV



The eighth The King of Fighters XIV trailer has been released, which means three more people from the character roster have been revealed. This time, two returning fighters and one new face were announced. Kim Kaphwan, Vice, and Sylvie Paula Paula have joined the fight.


Sylvie Paula Paula is an entirely new character. She appears to have a perky personality and the ability to use electricity in her attacks. Her hair accessories make it look like she has additional eyes on either side of her head.


Vice is revealed as a returning character at the one minute mark in the newest trailer. She’s one of Orochi’s followers and is often paired with Mature, who has not yet been confirmed as a playable fighter for The King of Fighters XIV. She’s been part of the series since The King of Fighters ‘96,

Kim shows up at the 1:30 minute mark. He’s a Taekwondo master who has been part of teams that include Choi Bounge, Raiden, Chang Koehan, Jhun Hoon, May Lee, and Hwa Jai. He originally appeared in the Fatal Fury games and has been part of The King of Fighters cast since The King of Fighters ‘94.


Over 50 characters will be playable in The King of Fighters XIV. With the announcement of Kim, Vice, and Sylvie, we now 23 of them. Of those 23, King of Dinosaurs and Sylvie Paula Paula are the only two new ones.


The King of Fighters XIV will come to the PlayStation 4 sometime in 2016.

Jenni Lada
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