Kindergarten Is A Murderous, Yet Silly, Look At Preschool


    Kindergarten has players taking on the role of a young child in kindergarten, playing and interacting with their friends. However, the staff of this school have some unsettling tendencies, so players will have to navigate their day with care.


    Kindergarten has players working through a single day in the life of a child, choosing who to play with and talk to as well as who to interact with. Depending on how the player tackles their day, the game will change in drastic ways, creating entertaining situations based on the changes the player makes to the game’s world. It’s up to the player to figure out what actions they have to take to survive the day, though.

    Players will need to be careful, as bullies abound, and life is already pretty dangerous for a small child. Not only that, but the teachers and staff seem to be hiding murderous secrets, and the player will meet a bloody end should they accidentally upset them. Not that their time with these people is all bad, as there is plenty of time to play house, do show and tell, or play in the sandbox.


    Players can see which elements they can manipulate to really bring about some ridiculous, deadly, or happy endings in Kindergarten now by buying the game through Steam.

    Alistair Wong
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