The King of Fighters: Destiny Gets Two More Seasons And A Movie To Take Us Through The Orochi Saga



The King of Fighters: Destiny’s first season has wrapped up in China and iDragons Creative Studio announced that the CG animated series will get two more seasons and a movie later on.


Here are details from Idragons official website as translated by KOF World:


The story starts with Fatal Fury and “KOF94” and goes until the end of “KOF97”. The animation is expected to be made in three seasons, ending in the form of a big movie.


During an era when people didn’t have much to keep themselves entertained, KOF games became the trusted companion of a generation. Today’s King of Fighters is not only a game, but a symbol of childhood. This official animation makes up for the regrettable lack of one in the past, and I know it would definitely bring up fond memories in people’s minds! Currently, rights to the first season have been developed by Yinhan Games, and the animation will be distributed by Tencent Games. Other related commercial co-operations are also underway — welcome all on board!


That means The King of Fighters: Destiny will take us through the Orochi saga from The King of Fighters ‘94 to The King of Fighters ‘97, and will wrap things up with a movie.


Since we’ve missed out on the last few episodes, you can catch up in the embeds below:


Episode 20: Side Story – King

King works as a bouncer in order to pay the medical bills for her little brother, Jan. The owner orders her to kill Ryo who is on his way to save his little sister, Yuri, who has been kidnapped. The lives of King and Jan are dramatically changed by meeting the Sakazaki siblings.


Episode 21: Generator

Athena senses the energy source of the evil power and uses her telepathy to inform Kyo. Kyo and his teammates find a generator which has a black crystal to generate the evil power and attempt to destroy it. However, Ryo and Robert have run berserk as well and stand in their way.


Episode 22: “R”

Fighters have been released from the evil mindcontrol by breaking the generator. Kyo and Terry head to the bridge in order to put a period to this incident. The organiser, R finally appears in their way and now the story of the KOF goes to the end…!


Catch the previous episodes below:


The King of Fighters: Destiny’s first season has a total of 24 episodes. The last two episodes will be available in Japan and the West this week and next.

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