The King of Fighters: World Announced As A New MMORPG Title For Smartphone



SNK announced the latest of The King of Fighters with a new MMORPG, the series’ first of the genre, in The King of Fighters: World for smartphone, releasing first in China in Summer 2017.


According to a press release from SNK, the KoF series’ first MMORPG title is being developed by a complete 3D engine, and players will move around in the map using a 3D CG panoramic map.


In addition to featuring popular characters from The King of Fighters, players will get to enjoy the latest story from the series with battles and puzzle-solving elements as well. SNK is making the game into what they can call a new King of Fighters that allows you to freely experience the world of King of Fighters.


The King of Fighters: World will release for Android and iPhone in China, where SNK says the game is very popular, in Summer 2017. They plan for a global release afterwards.

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