imageNew downloadable PsOne games are trickling on North America’s PlayStation Store. Three titles came out last week. King of Fighters ’99 and Medal of Honor: Underground are coming in the future.


The ESRB re-rated Bowling, R-Type Delta, Medal of Honor: Underground, and King of Fighters ’99 as PlayStation 3 / PSP games. The first two games on the list, Bowling and R-Type Delta, were released last week.


Since we only have ESRB ratings we don’t know when Sony will put these online. Street Fighter Alpha 2 hasn’t appeared on PSN and we caught that rating last year. However, SCEA and Ignition, who now publishes SNK games, will want KOF ’99 to re-release the game soon to capitalize on King of Fighters XII fever.


Update: The King of Fighters ’99 and Spyro 3 are on the US PlayStation Store right now for $5.99 each.

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