King of Fighters ALLSTAR Anniversary Celebrates Halloween with Rewards

king of fighters allstar anniversary

SNK and Netmarble Games are celebrating a milestone year for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: its first anniversary. Just in time for Halloween, players will be rewarded with Halloween-themed characters, missions, and dungeons. The companies also provided stats on the mobile game‘s success since it first launched in English back in October 2019.

The beat-’em-up RPG rewards players during this spooky season with Halloween-themed updates. The main contents are:

  • Guild Raid. Enter Guild Dungeons where players work together to defeat bosses and earn imprint stones, skill cards, exp capsules, and more.
  • Halloween Gatecrasher Alice. Available via the summon box.
  • Halloween Rush Dungeon. Earn Halloween Night Mary and special cards upon completion.
  • Halloween Super Mission. Beat the mission and collect Halloween Night Xiangfei, and earn exp capsules and gold.
  • Zombie Road, a new team relay dungeon. Fight a Halloween-themed boss with up to five teams. Only available for players who are rank 40 and up. Win and earn gold, rubies, and more.
  • Halloween Check-in Event. Earn skill level-up cards by participating.

king of fighters allstar anniversary celebrate

The game promises even more content in the future with seasonal events and collaborations between major franchises like Tekken and Samurai Shodown. SNK and Netmarble provided some impressive stats for The King of Fighters ALLSTAR anniversary, as well. Players worldwide have:

  • Collected over 177 million fighters.
  • Earned over 38.4 trillion in-game gold.
  • Spent over 2.93 billion AP.
  • Played over 42.5 million hours.

At present, the mobile game boasts all of KOF’s classic brawlers from ’94 to XIV–that’s more than 130 characters. Where do you even begin with all that? Luckily we have a handy guide on how to get started with the game.

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is available now on iOS and Android devices.

Oni Dino
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