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KOF XV Season 2 Roadmap Adds Kim Kaphwan, Najd, and Sylvie Paula Paula

KOF XV Season 2 Roadmap Adds Kim Kaphwan, Najd, and Sylvie Paula Paula

KOF XV Season 2 begins next week, and SNK confirmed with a roadmap that Kim Kaphwan, Najd, and Sylvie Paula Paula DLC fighters are due to join the roster through the year. The first, Shingo Yabuki, arrives with Season 2 on January 17, 2023. SNK confirmed five more characters are coming, and detailed more of its planned KOF XV update roadmap for 2023.

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Here’s a look at the KOF XV roadmap.


The second planned King of Fighters XV Season 2 character is Kim Kaphwan. Kim was previously confirmed when Season 2 was announced. The master of Taekwondo, Kim appeared in both Fatal Fury and many King of Fighters installments. Kim Kaphwan joins the roster in Spring 2023.

Though Shingo and Kim are older veterans in the KOF lineup, Summer 2023 will bring a more recent addition: Sylvie Paula Paula. Added in King of Fighters XIV, Sylvie is a former NESTS operative. Labeled a reject, her personality is childlike, possibly as a result of the experiments conducted to bring out her electricity-controlling powers. Her updated design appears to focus on this strangeness, featuring colorful bat wings and a headdress that looks like a creature chewing on Sylvie’s head. Before she was announced as a playable character, she was mentioned in the KOF XV storyline as part of Shermie’s dialog.

Summer also brings another KOF XV fighter: Najd. Najd’s character design was the result of a winning entry in a contest held by SNK and Manga Productions. A citizen of Saudi Arabia, Najd wears and abaya and acts as a vigilante, protecting her community by night. She can also manipulate shadows to defeat her opponents and punish evildoers.

Besides Kim, Sylvie, and Najd, two more characters are set to arrive as part of KOF XV Season 2. However, they have not yet been identified beyond their expected release windows in Autumn and Winter 2023. All characters will be part of the Season 2 Fighter Pass.

The King of Fighters XV is available on PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S. The first character of the new season arrives on January 17, 2023.

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