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Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Tron: Legacy World Has A Light Cycle Mini-Game


036[1]The screenshot of Riku riding a light cycle is from an event scene in Kingdom Hearts 3D’s Tron: Legacy world where CLU forces Riku into an arena. After the characters talk, you get to drive the light cycle on a circular track while other light cycle racers try to crash into Riku. You can attack them with the blue beam that Riku’s light cycle emits or press Y to trigger a mode change. This makes two gunpods appear so you can shoot other riders in front of you, but this slows Riku down. The light cycle scene has a boss at the end and players will have to use both the blue beam and twin cannons to take it down. After clearing the light cycle battle, you can enter the arena again which has a score added to it.


While Sora and Riku visit the same worlds and run through the same map, they interact with different characters. Riku meets Sam Flynn, son of the Grid creator Kevin Flynn, who explains the situation with Quorra and the portal they need to open. Sora interacts with Rinzler instead and if you remember Kingdom Hearts II the two characters have a connection…


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The biggest change between older Kingdom Hearts games and Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] is the free flow action system which utilizes the environment in combat. Sora can bounce off walls and spiral towards enemies or swing from lamp posts to set up a spinning attack. These moves are powerful because they have a wide range and allow you to fly through some attacks unharmed. While Traverse Town had a bunch of lamp posts to swing on, The Grid has grind rails. When you’re sliding on a neon track, you can do a free flow action where you leap in the air and come crashing down with a keyblade strike. Kingdom Hearts 3D always seems to have grind rails when you’re surrounded, so I found myself repeating the same free flow attack over and over. Unlike deck commands, free flow attacks don’t have cooldown times.


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Also new for The Grid, is a Code Breaker reality shift. Activate this and you touch red words on the bottom screen to do an attack, shutdown turrets or unlock doors.


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In addition to Dream Eaters, Kingdom Heart 3D’s Tron world has one other enemy. Players will fight warriors with Rinzler’s staff fighting style as regular enemies too. These fighters can trap Riku in a combo, making them one of the tougher opponents on the Grid.


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