Kingdom Hearts Dark Souls III Mod Gives Kairi a Chance to Fight

kingdom hearts dark souls 1

Kairi went through all that trouble training to be a Keyblade wielder, and it amounted to a whole lot of nothing, at least for now. Fans expecting something more out of her walked away from Kingdom Hearts III disappointed, but luckily there’s a Kingdom Hearts Dark Souls III mod that gives her an opportunity to shine elsewhere. This mod has to be seen to be believed, because frankly it seems like a Photoshop gag the first time you see it. As ridiculous as it is, this elaborate work from Twitter account KH-Vids-slash-Nexus user iwtexplode is pretty high quality, not only putting a Kairi model in Dark Souls III, but also creating custom movesets and weapons.

If you take a peek at the Nexus page (and if you’re downloading the mod you have to go there, so) you can see the extend of this Kingdom Hearts Dark Souls III mod. The mod applies to the Knight and Cleric classes specifically, turning the Longsword and Cleric’s Candlestick to the Destiny’s Embrace Keyblade (Attack Form and Magic Form, respectively). The mod also recommends starting the game fresh to get the most out of it, but also warns that previous save data must exist to prevent corruption.

Dark Souls III is available for the PS4, the Xbox One, and the PC. Naturally, this mod is only relevant to the PC version.

Lucas White
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