Kingdom Hearts II Book Explores How Friendships Are Key To The Series

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Kingdom Hearts II from Boss Fight Books is a new book that delves into the story of the game of the same name, looking at the connection between Sora and Riku, as well as the seemingly-ridiculous connection between Final Fantasy and Disney, and how they form a powerful portrayal of human relationships.

The book, from writer Alexa Ray Corriea, (GameSpot, Polygon, G4), looks to explore how the game portrays friendships, in all their complexity, alongside its mashup of lores and worlds. Through the bond between Sora and Riku, their rivalry, and their own dark journeys, the book examines how the ups and downs of human companionship, giving a more accurate, touching portrayal of friendship than most games manage to do.

The book is available now, both digitally and in paperback format, from Boss Fight Books.

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