Kingdom Hearts III Aqua Nendoroid is Ready for Action


After a little over four months since the first announcement of the Kingdom Hearts III Nendoroids, Good Smile Company finally has Aqua in their online store.  The Aqua Nendoroid is available for pre-order until July 29, 2021. She will release in February 2022 for Japan and April 2022 for North America. She costs 6500 JPY/$64.99.

Aqua will come with the standard three face plates. The expressions are a normal smile, a fierce look, and a praying face with her eyes closed. She will also come with her keyblade and her Wayfinder. You can make her pose peacefully or aggressively depending on which item she holds. Unfortunately, Good Smile Company has not announced or released Nendoroids for Terra or Ventus, so Aqua will have to keep searching for her friends.

You can see more pictures of Aqua here:

The other Nendoroids released for Kingdom Hearts III are Sora, Riku, Roxas, Axel, and Kairi. With Aqua now available for online pre-order and purchase, we have seen all of the Kingdom Hearts III Nendoroids Good Smile Company showed off at WonHobby 32 earlier this year. Good Smile Company revealed the painted Aqua Nendoroid at WonHobby 33 in May. Other properties that will receive Nendoroids or other figures include Genshin Impact, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and Touken Ranbu.

The Aqua Nendoroid from Kingdom Hearts III is currently open for pre-order. She will ship out in February 2022 for people in Japan and April 2022 for those in North America.

Stephanie Liu
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