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Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC Announced With New And Secret Episodes, Bosses, And More



Square Enix hosted a special Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres concert today in Tokyo, Japan, where Tetsuya Nomura made an appearance to announce a special DLC called ReMIND to end the concert. [Thanks, @aibo_ac7.]


According to those who attended the concert, the Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND DLC is basically like a “Final Mix” with an additional scenario  called ReMIND, a limited episode and bosses, a secret episode and boss, as well as an English language option for the Japanese version.


These are all similar trends we’ve seen in Final Mixes in the past, and there’s still more that has yet to be announced. We can expect to hear more about it from Square Enix in the near future.


Kingdom Hearts III is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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