Kingdom Hearts-Inspired Destiny Chronicles Coming To PS4, Nintendo Switch

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Kingdom Hearts-inspired Destiny Chronicles is now slated to release on PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, bringing the character oriented action RPG to several new platforms.


Destiny Chronicles stars Celeste a squire who ends up mired with a thief who’s stolen an artifact she was meant to retrieve to pass her initiation into the Ashen Order. This journey will take her far from the insular order, leading her to questions the Order’s mission, their duty, and her own place in a world and a dark plot that’s unfolding within it.

Should Celeste run into trouble in the field, she will handle it in live combat, using an array of melee strikes, dodges, and guards to keep them at bay. As she gains experience, she’ll gain more physical skills to broaden her sword capabilities, adding daze effects or bonus damage. She can also learn new magical abilities that will add different properties or effects (like hurled blades of energy) to her attacks.


Celeste will be joined by some AI companions on her journey as well. Ruby the mage and Valana the mercenary can back her up in a fight, with players dictating their combat styles. They’ll also keep her company on the road, as players can enter various skits and short dialogues as they wander the game’s world, getting to know their fellow travelers as they witness things along the journey.

Destiny Chronicles is currently raising development funds on Kickstarter.

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