Kingdom Hearts Suites to Appear at Tokyo Disneyland

Kingdom Hearts Tokyo Disneyland

Disney announced that special Kingdom Hearts suites will appear at the Disneyland Ambassador Hotel located at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort. The suites will be available starting on January 6 to April 27, 2022. Additionally, the rooms will feature unique decorations inspired by the Kingdom Hearts series. This includes a special room key modeled after various keyblades from the games. Reservations for the rooms will open on November 29, 2021. The starting price for the Kingdom Hearts suites at the Tokyo Disneyland location begin at 77,500 yen, or $684. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Additionally, the rooms will have a treasure chest that contains a special “secret” item. Other items included with the room are two original postcards and paper bags. Those who stay in the suites will also be able to purchase exclusive merchandise. This includes a special shoulder bag that will cost 5,500 yen, or $48.

Special Kingdom Hearts inspired food items will also be available to eat for a limited time. Additionally, items that appeared through previous collaboration events at Tokyo Disneyland will make a return. The full details of the collaboration are listed through the official website.

Square Enix recently announced the production of Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder necklaces. A total of three necklaces are immediately available to pre-order. These items are available to purchase internationally.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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