Kingdom Hearts: Union χ Update Is Now Available With Its New Multiplayer Mode



Square Enix announced that their smartphone RPG Kingdom Hearts: Unchained χ got its major update today, re-launching as Kingdom Hearts: Union χ with the addition of multiplayer mode and other new elements.


The main attraction of this major update is the “Union Cross” multiplayer mode that allows mobile players to play together to take on quests and new missions against hordes of Heartless enemies and massive bosses with teams of six.


Players are able to communicate using emotes and text bubbles to coordinate multiplayer sessions. Additionally, a new “Theater Mode” option has also been added with the update, allowing players to view cutscenes from the game.


Free items and in-game currency will be distributed to all current players of the game in celebration of its anniversary as well as a reward for the over 120,000 pre-registrations the game saw during its campaign.


Kingdom Hearts: Union χ is available on iPhone and Android.

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