Kingdom Hearts Union χ Gets a 5th Anniversary Message and Illustration from Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts Union X 5th Anniversary Message and Illustration from Tetsuya Nomura

Tetsuya Nomura shared a message and special illustration to commemorate the 5th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Union χ.

First, here’s the message from Tetsuya Nomura to thank fans for playing Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Thanks, @_KH_ENGLISH.]

Hello, Nomura here.

I had been thinking it would be the 4th anniversary, only to realize we have entered our 5th year. We have only lasted this long in the arena with all these hard-hitting rivals because of your support, and I am so grateful.

The browser version of χ began with the Foretellers Arc, and now, the story of the new Union Leaders is reaching its climax. Although I suffered grave regret discovering typos in the scenario we released for the 5th anniversary (※For details on the typos see the in-game notification. I am so sorry.) I have already handed the team enough scenario to cover the rest of the year, so please look forward to what is coming next.

Dark Road also began this year, which made things twice as difficult, but I have also already handed the team the stuff for Chapter Three. In Chapter Three, another classmate will finally appear, and not appear. I myself am hooked by the developments, so please look forward to it.

Our 5th anniversary may be opening into turbulent times, but the November 11 release of Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory is coming up next and I hope to hold some kind of festivities around then, and in the meantime, I appreciate your continued support.

I poured my feelings of gratitude to you all for helping us reach the 5th anniversary into a new drawing of the phantom Union Leader. Once it has been colored I plan to use it for a 5th Anniversary commemorative medal. Make sure to check the eligibility conditions and try to get yours.

Kingdom Hearts Series

Director Tetsuya Nomura

Check out the Kingdom Hearts Union χ 5th anniversary illustration featuring Strelitzia and Chirithy below:

Kingdom Hearts Union X 5th Anniversary Message and Illustration from Tetsuya Nomura

Kingdom Hearts Union χ Dark Road is available for iOS and Android.

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