Kingdom Hearts Watches and Earrings Available Through U-Treasure

Kingdom Hearts U-Treasure Watches Earrings

Kingdom Hearts fans (and those who just like cool things) can now order a special set of themed watches and earrings. As part of a collaboration event U-Treasure, these unique items are available to pre-order from the official website. This includes two different types of Kingdom Hearts watches, and two pairs of earrings that are available in four different types of metals. The Kingdom Hearts U-Treasure watches will cost ¥27,500 each, or roughly $256. The earrings will cost ¥7,150 (~$66) for the coated earrings and ¥27,500 (~$256) for the 18 karat gold sets individually. The official U-Treasure website mentions that delivery for these items will take approximately five weeks. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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As you can see above, there are two sets of earrings to choose from. Each set of earrings represents different motifs from the Kingdom Hearts world and brand. Also, as mentioned previously, each set of earrings comes with four different options to choose from. The coated earrings are significantly cheaper than the 18 karat options, but still look quite nice in comparison.

Regarding the watches, both variations will cost $256, as mentioned above, and the only differences between them are the color of the watch faces. Fans can choose from a black or white version, while both have the Kingdom Hearts keyblade design, the icon crown, and the Micky Mouse motif.

Kingdom Hearts III is available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first volume of the Kingdom Hearts III manga will be released in November this year.

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