Kingdom Of Loot Asks What An MMO From 1992 Would Look Like



Kingdom of Loot is an MMO that draws visual inspiration from games like Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger, asking what such an online multiplayer experience would look like during the SNES era.




Kingdom of Loot, which is currently in alpha (and you can sign up to play for free), has players selecting one of its classes and then setting out on dungeon crawls, either alone or with some friends. Combat is handled live, with attacks, abilities, and defensive rolls/blocks used in real-time against the enemies.




Kingdom of Loot has several starter classes that will feel familiar to MMO players, featuring tank-like Knights, healing Clerics, and damage-dealing Rogues. As players gain experience, they will rise in rank and unlock new skills. Due to the tiny characters on screen, changes in gear will not be reflected in their sprites, although players can change their color schemes.




Players can gain new equipment from killing monsters, trading with other players, and crafting it from elements that can be mined from various parts of the environment. While the found gear will be procedurally-generated, this gear can be made to player specifications should they be skilled enough at prospecting to find the elements they need.




While few elements of Kingdom of Loot are unique to it as an MMO, and is even limited in some ways other MMOs are not, the developer hopes that the unique visual style, reminiscent of the SNES era, will give the gameplay a unique feel. In their own words: “Hopefully, appealing to your nostalgic self, Kingdom of Loot seeks to return to the era when technology made the videogame industry take a different path and bring the opportunity for a new classic to be created.”




Kingdom of Loot has already passed through Steam Greenlight and is seeking votes on the Square Enix Collective.

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