Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival Will Stream Online

Kirby 30th Anniversary Music Festival

The Kirby 30th anniversary music festival will be available to stream worldwide. The live stream event will start on August 11, 2022, at 6 PM Japan Time (2 AM PST / 11 AM CEST), and will be available via the official Kirby YouTube channel. The video will be available to watch for free. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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The Kirby anniversary music festival is a single-day music event where 35 musicians will perform various songs from the Kirby franchise. The songs will cover several different genres, including big band jazz. The event will also feature a large LED screen that will show Kirby dancing to the rhythm of the song. Notably, the Kirby YouTube account will reportedly archive the live stream for viewers to watch at a later date.

In-person tickets are already sold out and are separated into two showing times. The first show runs from 12:30 PM, and the second show runs from 6 PM Japan Time. Event merchandise includes light-up wands, keychains, and plushies featuring a dancing Kirby as well as other jazz-themed characters.

You can check out the Kirby 30th anniversary music festival live stream in the video below:

As an added bonus, the Kirby Twitter account also shared a code for Kirby and the Forgotten Land to commemorate the event. Inputting the code “MUSICFEST” will provide players with 300 coins, as well as a Maxim Tomato.

The Kirby 30th anniversary music festival starts on August 11, 2022, at 6 PM Japan Time (2 AM PST / 11 AM CEST). The live stream is available to watch on the Kirby YouTube channel.

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