Kirby Café In Japan To Get Permanent Store Location Sometime


kirby cafe 3

Players who still haven’t gotten a chance to visit Tokyo will be delighted to know tha the Kirby Cafe situated at Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi is set to become a permanent fixture in the area.


Originally, the Tokyo Skytree version of Kirby Cafe was set to run for a limited time starting in December 2018. It was then extended for longer thanks to its popularity with both locals and tourists, and now will be a permanent shop (although not likely at the same store space).


While no date was given regarding when Kirby Cafe will reopen for a third time, this time indefinitely, the official page for the cafe assured that staff were working towards opening it as soon as possible.


Kirby Cafe is set to open permanently at Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi.

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