Kirby 32nd birthday cake available at Kirby Cafe in 2024
Image courtesy of Benelic

Kirby Cafe Will Offer Kirby’s 32nd Birthday Cake in 2024

Benelic revealed a new birthday cake to celebrate Kirby’s 32nd Birthday in 2024. The cake will be available to order as dessert at Kirby Cafe Tokyo and Hakata for a limited time from April 2024 to early July 2024.

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The cake will have the same base color as Kirby’s, but it will be covered with chocolate cream on the top. The cafe staff will finish decorating the cake with fruits and Kirby’s iconic star.

The company made the announcement via a tweet on the Kirby Cafe’s official X account, which is also available to view right below:

Kirby Cafe has been regularly providing the character’s birthday cakes on a temporary menu ever since its first permanent outlet opened at Tokyo Solamachi in late 2019. There is now an established pattern where the cafe is doing a rotation with three birthday cake designs. The upcoming 2024 cake will have the same design as the one released in 2021, while the previous design in 2023 was the same as the first-ever birthday cake made in 2020.

While Kirby Cafe lets people enjoy meals themed after the video game franchise all year long, other companies have also been producing merchandise based on the series. McDonald’s Japan started offering Kirby Happy Meal toys in late February 2024. However, they were quickly sold out before the chain could complete its campaign in March 2024.

Kirby’s 32nd birthday cake will be available to order at Kirby Cafe outlets at Tokyo Solamachi in Skytree Town and Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka from April 1, 2024, to July 2, 2024. Kirby’s actual birthday will fall on April 27 every year.

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