Kirby Cafe Winter is Heading to Japan


The Kirby Cafe is coming back to Japan with a Winter edition. The official Twitter account confirmed it will return on November 17, 2022. People in Hakata, Nagoya, and Tokyo will be able to visit the pop-ups. Details already appeared not long ago for the cafe’s last Nagoya presence in Nagoya Parco back in August 2022.

Here’s the official announcement, which includes the new art of Kirby and Waddle Dee for the event.

There are no details regarding the menu, merchandise, or music that will appear for Kirby Cafe Winter yet. However, in the past there have been different kinds of food and drinks inspired by entries in the series. The items sold tend to show characters like Kirby and Waddle Dee in chef attire. For example, Karby from Kirby and the Forgotten Land showed up as a menu item. Often soundtracks will appear with new versions of classic tracks that play while folks are visiting the cafe. Past installments also included set-ups with Kirby series decorations.

The Kirby Cafe Winter will appear in Hakata, Nagoya, and Tokyo in Japan starting on November 17, 2022. It will be open in Hakata and Tokyo until February 28, 2023. The Nagoya one will close on February 5, 2023.

Jenni Lada
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