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Kirby Cafe Winter Will Add New Menu Entries From Kirby Fighters 2

Kirby Cafe Winter

Japan’s Kirby Cafe will temporarily receive a Kirby Cafe WINTER theme from November 11, 2020, to February 28, 2021. New winter-themed entries, including a couple based on the latest Kirby game Kirby Fighters 2, will be available for the duration of the theme. [Thanks, PR Times!]

The Kirby Cafe Winter menu is available right below. Note that all prices listed are still subject to tax.

  • Winter Kirby Burger & Clam Chowder Pasta (2,680 yen; comes with a souvenir plate)
  • Munching Kirby’s Warm Pie Stew (2,680 yen; comes with a souvenir plate)
  • Scalding Hot Shaved Ice Hamburg Steak ~ Prepared by Chilly’s Clattering Breath (1,380 yen)
  • Kirby’s Warm Gratin Bowl (1,980 yen; comes with a souvenir lunch box)
  • Ice Dragon Quality Product – Pastel Cream Anmitsu (880 yen)
  • Kirby Cafe’s Original Stove-Cooked Pizza ~ Very Berry White Chocolate (1,480 yen)
  • Pop Star’s Winter’s Relieving Sangria (880 yen; non-alcoholic)

A couple of new entries added to the menu are based on Kirby Fighters 2. Just like the aforementioned winter menu, these entries will be temporarily available for the duration of the theme until February 28, 2021.

  • Take This! Finisher Chop – Wrestler Kirby Burger (1,580 yen)
  • I Got Your Back ~ Fated Tag Dessert by King Dedede and Meta Knight (1,480 yen)

The Kirby Cafe store will also sell new merchandise—mostly winter-themed—from November 11, 2020. A clear file will be sold at 382 yen, a blanket at 2,700 yen, postcards at 150 yen each, and hand gel at 609 yen available in three colors.

Kirby Cafe has been permanently available at Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi since December 12, 2019, and at Canal City Hakata in Fukuoka, Kyushu, since March 12, 2020. Kirby Fighters 2 is the latest title in the series that was released for the Nintendo Switch on September 23, 2020. A demo of the game is also immediately available in all region eShops.

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