Kirby Manga Mania Will Appear Next Year

kirby of the stars kirby manga mania french cover

Hirokazu Hikawa’s Kirby of the Stars manga series appears to finally be getting an English localization. On Twitter, Viz Media announced Kirby Manga Mania, a Coro Coro Comics collection of stories starring Kirby that will launch in Summer 2021.

The imagery and cover suggest this is some sort of compilation of Kirby of the Stars: The Story of Dedede Who Lives in Pupupu, what with the presence of the Japanese title (星のカービィ デデデでプププなものがたり) and the presence of “Dedede de Pupupu” in multiple locations. However, considering this line of comics started in 1995, it is uncertain what could be covered in this volume.

Here’s the announcement tweet:

And, just in case something should happen to the tweet, here is the preliminary cover art for Kirby Manga Mania again:

viz media kirby manga mania kirby of the stars

The Kirby of the Stars manga has already been localized in France. The first two volumes are available there as Les Aventures de Kirby dans les Etoiles, with Amazon France showing the third with a November 2020 debut date and fourth as a January 2021 release.

Viz Media is rather active when it comes to Nintendo-related literary releases. It will have a Super Mario Bros. Manga Mania book out in December. It also is translating and publishing Hobonichi’s Ask Iwata.

Kirby Manga Mania will appear in English in Summer 2021.

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