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Kirby: Planet Robobot’s New Copy Abilities Are Nostalgic


kirby planet robobot doctor Kirby: Planet Robobot offers a lot of variety when it comes to tricks our favorite pink puffball can employ. He has access to 27 different copy abilities in the game, with three of them being completely new. The funny thing is, while Doctor, ESP, and Poison are showing up for the first time, each one does its part to fit into the series, and the Nintendo canon as well.


Doctor is the most blatant callback. If you’ve ever had Kirby inhale Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros., this copy ability should look pretty familiar. Its costume is a more elaborate version of that. He gets glasses and a lab coat, but still tosses colored capsules like Dr. Mario. Three of his attacks rely on these capsule attacks to deal damage.


What I really liked about the Doctor copy ability is how the Team Kirby Clash version of Doctor Healmore has one of his skills carry over to the main campaign. He can heal in the battle mode, and players can randomly create a healing potion with his down and be attack in Kirby: Planet Robobot. The game isn’t so difficult that you actually need that sort of health boost from time-to-time, but it fits well with the theme.

 kirby esp 

Kirby’s ESP ability will inspire quite a double take too. In Super Smash Bros, Kirby gets Ness’ signature red hat with the blue bill when he inhales the character. Kirby: Planet Robobot’s ESP ability gives him a blue hat with a red bill. He also lets out PK attacks that greatly resemble balls of energy that look a lot like Ness’ PK Flash Smash Bros. series’ attacks.


What I like about ESP is how it actually feels like you’re playing more of a fighting game when Kirby has this copy ability. His standard attack is a ball of energy that can attack, but it feels like you’re supposed to keep moving when he’s using these powers. One lets him teleport and another gets him dodge and counter attacks. The actions can rely on reflexes and timing, sending him right in front of an enemy and then relying on a perfect counter for a one hit knock out.


kirby planet robobot poison While the Poison ability doesn’t feature the same callbacks as Doctor and ESP, it’s reminiscent of the Water copy ability, from Kirby’s Return to Dreamland. Many of the attacks are practically carbon copies. Both Water and Poison have a dashing attack that lets him ride on either a burst of water or poison cloud, dealing damage as he goes. Poison does leave a temporarily lingering trail, but that’s the only difference. The dash attack isn’t the only similarity the Poison and Water copy abilities share. Both have a geyser attack, with Poison’s being a little more versatile. He can aim it, where Water’s geyser offered one direction and a spout that could continually fire upward. 


The lingering after effects is really the big difference between the Poison and Water copy abilities. With Water, Kirby had a wave that could shoot forward until it left the screen. It was the only persistent attack. Quite a few of Poison’s skills leave a poisonous trail behind Kirby for a bit, damaging enemies that pass over it. While Water was good for rushing forward and a steady advance, Kirby Planet Robobot’s Poison feels like it’s there to help with crowd control. If things get overwhelming, Kirby has a copy ability that offers a little extra help.


Kirby: Planet Robobot’s three new copy abilities help add a little variety to the game, referencing other Nintendo games or older copy abilities. Each one is balanced enough to work in most circumstances, with a few special features that makes Doctor, ESP, and Poison more pleasant.


Nintendo 3DS owners will be able to get Kirby: Planet Robobot on June 10, 2016 in North America and Europe.

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