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Kirby: Star Allies Reveals The Secrets Behind King Dedede’s New Design


    kirby dedede 1

    The Kirby Twitter account recently tweeted out several pictures that show off the conceptual art for King Dedede’s new form, including his attacks in the game.


    According to the tweet, the design for Dedede was created after HAL Labs decided to have a boss with arms that would grow larger. From the designs, Dedede’s arms were also originally meant to be more conventionally muscular.


    kirby dedede 2


    The second picture shown off is that of King Dedede’s normal look before he transforms.  The developers drew King Dedede without his gown as a reference for the transformation, and to decide how he would look beforehand. (For those people wondering why Dedede seems to have white skin, it’s actually a onesie or an undershirt. You can see it ripped in the first image.)


    Kirby: Star Allies is available for Nintendo Switch.

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