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Kirby’s Dream Buffet Introduces a Gourmet Grand Prix

Kirby's Dream Buffet

Kirby’s Dream Buffet launches next week, and Nintendo wants you to learn some table manners. A new Kirby’s Dream Buffet overview trailer explains the basics of the “Gourmet Grand Prix” for waiting players.

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The trailer lays out how everyone’s favorite pink puffball pal got into this situation. The Dream Fork randomly shrank Kirby down to morsel-size, and now he and his multicolored buddies need to consume to completion. The winner of the new Gourmet Grand Prix – and eating competition for the ages – is the biggest Kirby.

Up to four Kirby’s Dream Buffet players will begin each session by embracing tradition with a gourmet race. It’s a combination of kart racer (Kirb racer?) and Katamari Damacy. Strawberries consumed during the race will increase Kirby’s size, making them able to knock other players off the track. They’ll also swallow Copy Foods that trigger special effects. Minigames follow the race, with a number of bespoke mechanics across a number of events. Things come to a head when the Kirbies choose violence: Battle Royale closes out the match as brothers smash each other around the arena. Sustained play earns Kirby’s Dream Buffet in-game rewards. These can unlock cosmetic upgrades, character treats, and new play stages.

The game supports two-player play with the Joy-cons. Up to four can join in a local wireless match between Switch consoles. There’s also an online mode for folks alone at home (A Nintendo Switch Online account is required).

Kirby’s Dream Buffet launches on August 17, 2022 on Nintendo Switch. The game is an eShop-exclusive, and no physical version is planned. It will cost $14.99.

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