Kissing RPG Exstetra Lets Your Characters Level Up, But Not By Smooching

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And here I was putting money in the betting pot that characters in developer Furyu’s upcoming kissing RPG Exstetra would gain and level up new skills in combat by puckering up. Rats.


Instead of that though, characters will gain abilities by enchanting their gear—be it weapons or armor—and abilities will grow in strength not by the number of uses, but by the number of times the gear’s been enchanted.


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You’ll be able to buy some forms of enchanting stones at the magic shop—such as counter or critical up—while others will drop from monsters. This does raise the interesting question of how grindy Exstetra will turn out to be, since you’ll need to regularly farm cash to buy new gear, and then possibly re-enchant them all over again.


Guess we’ll find out soon enough, as Exstetra will be kissing us November 7th on the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita.

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