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Kitases Teases Big Final Fantasy VII Rebirth News Again

final fantasy rebirth

In a New Year’s message, Producer Yoshinori Kitase of Square Enix teased some big announcements and news for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Kitase also mentioned this in a message he game to Famitsu. He did not give any concrete details at the time either, though.

Here is a rough translation of the message Kitase wrote for the Final Fantasy website:

Happy New Year.

This year, our newest work Final Fantasy XVI will finally come out. Yoshida-P is also putting his all into the development so please give him lots of support! Also! Development on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which I’m producing, is speeding up as well. Please wait for more news as you wonder things like “How will you reproduce that memorable scene?” There is also some big announcements in the back that I cannot announce yet.

I hope to make 2023 a good and exciting year for everyone through Final Fantasy.

Kitase’s comment was one of four others on the website. Though Kitase mentioned Yoshida-P, or Naoki Yoshida, in his comment, Yoshida did not bring up Rebirth. He only focused on talking about Final Fantasy XIV and XVI, which are the two games that he is working on.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will come out on the PS5 in Winter 2023.

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