Nintendo 3DS

KO-TO-DA-MA-HOOOOO! Screams The Power Of Words


Look, just because Dragon Ball did it doesn’t mean no one else can. The Power of Words: Letter Puzzles is a Nintendo 3DS eShop game that’s all about trying to control the powers of, scream it with me, Kotodamaho. The magical power of words from the mystical… Boggle board.


As Kotomaru and his sister Kotone, you’re struggling to become the most powerful Kotodamaho masters in the world—which requires you to create Japanese words by playing with the available Boggle-style board of Japanese characters. The right string of words unleashes combos against foes, and apparently it’s even possible to do a one-hit KO special move. Oh and since we’re happily going with crazy powers here, you also have a dog-wand called Bow. BOW BEFORE BOW THE DOG WAND.



The Power of Words: Letter Puzzles will be out on Nintendo 3DS eShop January 29th.