KO Mech’s Cute, Pinball-Like Little Mecha Packs Major Punching Power

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KO Mech’s tiny protagonist may not look like much compared to the colossal mecha coming after it, but a few well-aimed power punches will send enemies flying all over the arenas, setting off chain reactions of explosions and destruction that will teach them not to mess with it.

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KO Mech is an action game where players control a tiny flying mecha, guiding it around colorful arenas. Nasty machines and explosive devices will come seeking the little mecha out, but players will be able to use three different styles of punches – a small punch, dashing punch, and super punch – to knock enemies out of their way. Should they choose the right style of punch and use it effectively, they can send enemies flying back, setting off explosions that will damage nearby foes.

Each arena features tight corridors and various bouncing objects, all of which players can use to ricochet their character around like a vicious pinball, pinging around the stage as they launch lethal punches. These same bouncy surfaces will also allow players to send their enemies careening all over the area, allowing them to set off an intricate series of damaging explosions and all them to finish stages in moments, should they play well.

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Players will be able to see just how much chaos they can create with their little mecha in late October or Early November when KO Mech releases.

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