Kodansha to Begin Working Directly with Amazon

Kodansha Amazon

Japanese publishing company Kodansha will begin working directly with Amazon. The reason being, Kodansha aims to shorten the delivery time of its product and reduce costs. This will allow consumers to directly purchase any manga published by Kodansha directly through Amazon. Kodansha is responsible for the publishing of manga such as Attack on Titan and

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As mentioned previously, the deal between Kodansha and Amazon will cut down the delivery time of its products. This is largely due to consumers now being able to buy through Amazon’s online marketplace. Normally, publishers would go through an agency to distribute their product. However, this partnership between Kodansha and Amazons will effectively cut out the middle-man.

Kodansha is responsible for publishing manga both within Japan, and overseas. Kodansha US has published titles like Attack on Titan, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and Akira. It is also responsible for the publishing of books. This includes a variety of light novels, spin-off novels, and educational texts as well.

As it stands, the deal between Kodansha and Amazon has seemingly only gone into effect in the Japanese market. There is currently no word if this change will affect Kodansha US and its handling of published materials.

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