KOF XV Meitenkun Is Still Fighting Against His Own Drowsiness

The King of Fighters XV KOF 15 Meitenkun

SNK has published the second character trailer for The King of Fighters XV. It confirmed the inclusion of Meitenkun to the KOF XV roster, following his best friend Shun’ei—the first character to receive a dedicated trailer the week before on January 13, 2021.

Meitenkun was not present in the initial reveal trailer for KOF XV. He is a recent character who made his debut in The King of Fighters XIV, grouped under Team China together with Shun’ei and their master Tung Fu Rue. The latter has yet to be confirmed in this game’s roster as of this writing.

Meitenkun fights with a unique fighting style named Hakkyokuminminken by Tung Fu Rue. It is a unique variation of Tung’s Hakkyokuseiken style with some similarities to Drunken Fist that fit Meitenkun’s sleepy nature. In the KOF XIV background information, he was described as a strong fighter who has won multiple matches against Shun’ei.

In the new trailer, you can watch a sneak peek of Meitenkun’s attacks and grapples, which include him giving his pillow as a ruse. It ends with an example of his combo attack and his new Climax Super Special Move.

The King of Fighters XV currently has a release window of 2021. SNK has yet to announce the platform(s) the game will be available on.

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