KOF XV Special Animated Short Released

KOF XV Animated Short

A KOF XV special animated short is now available to watch on YouTube. SNK commissioned popular anime director Masami Obari to direct the short ahead of the game’s official release. Once the game releases, the full short will also be available to watch via the game’s gallery mode.

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Director Masami Obari is a notable figure within the King of Fighters and Fatal Fury franchises. Obari directed the 1994 animated feature film Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture. He also worked on two other Fatal Fury OVAs as a character designer. He later formed his own animation studio, Studio G-1, and directed anime such as Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Inspector and Gundam Build Fighters, among many others.

In 2021, SNK announced that Obari would direct the special animated short alongside the official reveal of KOF XV. Later, the official SNK Twitter account shared a short clip of the animation with some parts cut to avoid spoiling characters that were unannounced at the time. Obari himself since commented on the special animated short via Twitter and thanked SNK for giving him the opportunity.

You can check out the KOF XV animated short in its entirety below:

KOF XV will appear on February 17, 2022 on the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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