Kojima Productions Will Partner With Japanese Delivery Service Yamato Transport For Special Collaboration

Kojima Productions Yamato Transport

Kojima Productions will be partnering with Japanese delivery service Yamato Transport for a special collaboration. While the Yamato Transportation service is known for their door to door deliveries, this collaboration will be online. Starting on September 7, 2020 at 11:oo AM JST, those interested will be given the opportunity to decipher a message.

By deciphering this message, you can enter into a special lottery to potentially win Kojima Productions and Yamato Transport merchandise. This includes a 1/6 scale Ludens statue that will come with an additional figurine of the Yamato Transport logo mascot Kuroneko. Other prizes include a Kojima Productions x Yamato Transportation service t-shirt featuring the special artwork made for the collaboration.

The website mentions that this collaboration is largely in part of both Kojima Productions and Yamato Transport sharing the desire to “create a better tomorrow.” The official website for the collaboration includes information about how to contact Yamato Transport for further details, but they will not be answering questions about the message itself.

You can view the special artwork created for this collaboration below:

This collaboration seems like a perfect match, considering Kojima Production’s Death Stranding is largely about transporting items. Recent news in relation to Kojima Productions outside of this collaboration includes the announcement of a Ludens model kit. This model kit will be by Kotobukiya and re-envisions the Kojima Productions mascot.

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