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Kojima Shows Off Sam’s Not-So-Solo Journey Across The Country In Death Stranding


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At TGS 2019, Hideo Kojima was present to show off around 50 minutes of gameplay from Death Stranding, taking us through the entire process of Sam going through the countryside, and helping others out so that they would join the chiral network and link up with the rest of the world.


Check out the gameplay out below (starts 7:01 mark) [Thanks, Rikukey2 on Youtube!]:

The game really is all about Sam’s solo journey across America in order to reconnect the chiral networks that will allow information to flow freely once more. To this end, many factors will play into Sam’s journey and stamina as he walks across the land, such as the weight of his backpack and tools, and even his balance will be affected and must be adjusted with the shoulder buttons. If you aren’t careful, he will slide and fall, and may break his goods.


After connecting areas to the chiral network, tools like ladders that were placed by other players will appear around the area, helping you get around quicker. You can leave Likes if you want. You can also follow other players’ footsteps, and find other people’s goods around the area. Finally, there are postboxes where you can share cargo with other players across the world.

The game will feature collaborations with many artists and musicians across the world, and some brands such as Monster energy drink.


Of course, not everyone is friendly, and there are raiders who have camps around the country, where they store goods that have been stolen from various other players of Death Stranding. There is a bit of a stealth element and combat element when trying to retake these lost goods.


There are also the fights against the mysterious BTs, who infest certain areas of the world. They are easy to spot in rainy areas when the surroundings suddenly get darker. If you are caught by them, you will need to fend off attacking BTs with weapons, and even if you run out, you can ask for more weapons from other connected online players.


Around when Sam is about to reach his destination, Kojima remarks that part of the game’s charm is feeling the ways you’re connected with others in this world, as well as how far you’ve come physically, from across mountains and rivers. Many players cry when they reach the part where the music plays.


Death Stranding will come to the PlayStation 4 on November 8, 2019. You can watch the game’s Briefing Trailer in our previous post here.

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