Konami Is Bringing Back Its Robot Girls With A New Busou Shinki Project



We haven’t seen any games from Konami’s robot girls series Busou Shinki since the PSP days, but that might be changing in the near future, as the company announced that a new project is in the works.

The Busou Shinki series started as action figures in 2006 featuring character designs and robot girls (Shinki) by well-known creators, with freely customizable weapons and armor (Busou) that were highly praised. The series followed with video games, anime, and various other developments.


Busou Shinki’s new series project will start with a manga from Kadokawa, character goods and other media developments, as well as “Megami Device” models from Kotobikiya that will let you customize with weapons and armor.


The top image is a teaser visual for Busou Shinki’s new project. No further information was made available for the video game.

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