Konami Employee Tried to Murder His Former Boss

Police in Japan arrested a Konami employee for trying to murder his former boss with a fire extinguisher. According to reports, he used a fire extinguisher and hit the victim on the head. The police arrested him on the spot. After interrogating the culprit, the police charged him with attempted murder. [Thanks, Livedoor!]

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The reason why the police charged him with attempted murder is because the culprit said that the boss had been using his higher position in the company to harass him, and thus he had hit his former boss with the intent to kill. Power harassment could include a boss exercising their authority in a way that one could constitute it as bullying. The culprit has not given any particular examples of the power harassment.

The attack happened at around 11am JST in Ginza Six, which is an office building in Tokyo. The culprit, who is 41 years old, approached his former boss (48) from behind and then tried to murder him with a fire extinguisher. His co-workers pinned him down. The victim survived with an injury that would put him in the hospital for a week. Though the culprit had gone to Konami’s HR when they were on the same team to report him for power harassment, Konami stated that power harassment was not happening. It resolved the issue in 2020 by moving the culprit to another team.

More information will appear in the future as to the culprit’s sentence. As of the time of writing, Konami has not made an official statement in regards to the attempted murder.

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