Konami Plans to Change Name to Konami Group Corporation

Konami Name Change

Konami will potentially be changing its name to Konami Group Corporation on July 1, 2022. The change will be decided during a meeting with shareholders. If the group approves, Konami will officially change its name to Konami Group Corporation. This also marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Konami. The corporation is aiming for further growth, and states that it would like to “take on new challenges.” [Thanks, Game Watch!]

Konami, alongside having developed and published games, is known for its holdings in “sports” related business. This includes the ownership of sports and fitness centers. Additionally, Konami has also been involved in the “amusement” business, with the development and creation of several pachislot machines. It is unclear which direction Konami will potentially go or attempt to spread out to through further operations.

In January 2022, Konami released a series of Castlevania-related NFTs. The NFTs consisted of artwork and music from the series. This included tracks like “Vampire Killer” and “Bloody Tears” from different Castlevania games. They were available to obtain as NFTs for a limited time. In February 2022, a financial report revealed that Konami had further interest in creating and selling NFTs. However, future projects regarding the distribution of NFTs have yet to appear.

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