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Konami Respond To Suikoden Fans Over Twitter


    Alas, Konami don’t have any news for you Suikoden fans out there, but they’re listening, they say. Konami’s official Twitter account in the U.S. just tweeted the following:


    Dear Suikoden fans, It’s incredible to see the outpouring of support from our fans for the Suikoden series…


    We love Suikoden, too! In fact, we have several huge fans in Konami’s own offices…


    Sadly, we have no new announcements regarding the Suikoden series at this time…


    We appreciate the feedback and encourage an open and honest discussion with you, our fans, on as many channels as possible…


    So please, continue to let your opinion be heard! We are listening.


    & for those that haven’t played this classic RPG series, Suikoden 1 is currently avail for download as a PS1 Classic on PlayStation Network.


    The last Suikoden game released by Konami was Suikoden: The Woven Web of a Century for the PSP, which they published in Japan in February 2011. The game has not been released in the west. Prior to that game, Konami published Suikoden Tierkreis on the Nintendo DS. That game was released in U.S., Europe and Japan.


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