druma.jpgGuitar Hero and Rock Band are cash cows. Meanwhile Konami’s series of Bemani instrument games are nearly unrecognizable for the mainstream market Guitar Hero captured. Unfortunately for Konami they may have missed the boat, but that doesn’t mean they are going to give up on the idea of introducing Guitar Freaks and Drummania outside of Japan. Last year we discovered Konami registered Guitar Revolution and Drum Revolution, which sound like the US names for Guitar Freaks and Drummania respectively.


On April 3rd, Konami registered Rock Revolution with the US Trademark and Patent Office. This could be a localized name for a combination of Guitar Freaks V4 Rock x Rock and Drum Mania V4 Rock x Rock. Or this could be a sign that Konami plans to take a bite out of Rock Band’s lunch. If that happens I wonder how many people will look at Rock Revolution, glare, and say “Rock Band knock-off.”


Images courtesy of Konami.

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