Polaris Chord - new character-based arcade rhythm game by Konami
Image courtesy of Konami Amusement

Konami’s New Arcade Game Polaris Chord Will Launch Next Week

Konami Amusement has revealed a new rhythm game that will appear in arcade centers titled Polaris Chord. It will release the new game across Japan in late March 2024.

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The new arcade game’s cabinet will feature a wide gameplay screen with an array of buttons that correspond with the playing area. At first glance, it may look similar to Sega’s Chunithm series. But in lieu of motion tracking cameras, Polaris Chord will distinguish itself with a pair of Fader devices that the player must slide horizontally at certain points during gameplay. The cabinet will also have an additional vertical screen that shows the game’s characters.

Characters will play a major role in this new arcade rhythm game. The player will choose a Contenter as the main character and four Support Snap characters, whose skills will provide various assists during gameplay. Characters will gain experience and eventually level up as the player deploys them in gameplay stages. Contenters will also have an additional affection level that will gradually change their behaviors.

Polaris Chord will have 49 songs available at launch. The list will mostly consist of licensed songs. They will range from anime theme songs like YOASOBI’s Oshi no Ko opening theme “Idol” to Vocaloid and Vtuber songs. The latter will include songs from Hololive Vtubers Minato Aqua and Tsunomaki Watame, as well as Houshou Marine and COOL&CREATE’s collaborative Touhou album #GENSOKYOholoism.

The Konami arcade game cabinet Polaris Chord will be available in arcades in Japan on March 27, 2024.

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