Kotaro Uchikoshi’s AI: The Somnium Files Introduces Main Characters Kaname Date And AI-Ball

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Spike Chunsoft has introduced the key characters of AI: The Somnium Files, including main character Kaname Date, his AI partner AI-Ball, as well as key characters Boss and Pewter. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Kaname Date (CV: Tarusuke Shingaki)

ai somnium 1

A police investigator belonging to the Advanced Brain Investigation Section (ABIS) division of the police. Using the PSYNC deviec, he can enter the minds of suspects and witnesses. Six years ago, he lost his left eye, which has now been replaced by the high-tech prosthetic AI-Ball.


AI-Ball (CV: Akari Kitou)


ai somnium 2 ai somnium 3


Kaname’s AI-equipped left eye, which manifests itself in the dream world via PSYNC as a young girl. In real life, it can move around independently of Date while looking like a small animal. AI-Ball is linked to Date’s consciousness.


Boss (CV: Yuuko Kaida)

ai somnium 4

The commander of ABIS, and Date’s superior. Date’s known her for a long time. She pretends to be a whimsical optimist who says something different every day… but she’s actually a cunning schemer.


Pewter (CV: Hiroki Gotou)

ai somnium 5

ABIS’ engineer and a genius mechanic, who helps control and adjust the PSYNC device. AI-Ball was also created by him, and her personality reflects his interests.


AI: The Somnium Files releases for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on July 25, 2019. You can read our interview with Uchikoshi here.

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